Property Services

All homes benefit from professional care and maintenance, as they are made up of a series of interdependent systems. Each component of the home will have its life cycle and required maintenance. Energy and heating systems, interior and exterior finishes, weatherproofing, electrical systems, security systems, irrigation, drainage, snow removal, mowing, landscaping, – the list goes on.

When Birdseye designs and/or builds a home, we begin to build a record of all the systems, their functions, parts, suppliers, and maintenance requirements. This information forms the basis of an evolving database that we can use to monitor and maintain the systems of your home and property.

Even if we have not designed or built your home, we can provide an exceptional level of care.? We can document all of the existing elements of your property and then create and implement a customized maintenance schedule.

Birdseye’s Property Services team applies our knowledge and professional experience to maintaining, monitoring and enhancing the life of your property.