Birdseye began over three decades ago, with a passion for master craftsmanship in building. We have always understood the value of a close working relationship with architects and design professionals. We work seamlessly with numerous architectural firms from near and far, as well as with the Birdseye architectural team.

Our projects involve a wide range of construction techniques and methodologies, including conventional stick-framing, steel construction, new timber framing, as well as meticulous rehabilitation of antique timber framed barns, houses and outbuildings.? Our material pallet includes wood, concrete, steel, stone, brick, plaster, glass and a range of other 21st century materials.

We handle pre-construction planning, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, construction management, ongoing maintenance and client services beyond completion of the project. We understand heating and cooling, geothermal, solar and wind energy systems and smart home automation to control and monitor day-to-day requirements.

Building in Vermont for so many years means that we have an in-depth understanding of our region, culture, geography and climate. We know what your home will need to endure over the decades.

We bring our network of relationships and our understanding of different communities to bear on planning, site development, building and post-construction services.

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