About Birdseye

Birdseye is an Architecture and Building Company.

We are committed to the creation of beautiful architecture and its realization through masterful building.

Established in 1984, Birdseye began its life as a building company focused on creating high quality work. Skilled craftsmen created a building culture rooted in excellence. Over time, what began with woodworking and a strong interest in design evolved to become an employee owned, award-winning architecture and building firm. Through the years, other architects and artisans, interested in the intimate relationship between architecture and the art of building, joined the company and the culture evolved to what it is today.

Birdseye is a unique balance of innovation and tradition. We create beautiful objects and places to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Our architects, carpenters, wood workers, metal workers, and machinery operators create lasting works of art.



Jim Converse, John Seibert


Brian Mac, Jeff McBride, Andrew Chardain, Jeff Kamuda, Peter Abiles, Robin Blodgett, Mike Casey, Callie Anderson, Vanille Fricker


John Crosthwait, Jed Croxford, Erich Finley, Luke Dott, Nathan Goldman, Dan Guy, Jon Low, Sam Miller, Eric Sandy,?David Siegel, Ken Wyman, Judson Yaggy, John Yates, Brian Griggs, Ben Miller, Andrew Bates, Eric Potter, Matt Moultroup, Walter Breck, Brooks Holmes, Pierre Vital, Craig Brown, Ethan Lakota.


Brett Combs, Wayne Blodgett, Ty Combs, Jimmy Jewell, Justin Pease,

Wood & Metal Fabrication

Johnathan Schumacher, Lewyt Bowley, Jesse Dunn, Rock Frost, David Orgain, Guy Owens, Jared Poor, Jud Yaggy, Cooper Feiner-Homer, Donnie Deaette, Lance Schoenhuber

Property Services

Howland Brown


?Lisa Couture, Wendy Daniels, Dawn Morgan, Stephanie Reed

Marketing and Communications

Mary Simmons